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What is the environmental architecute means?

Architecture can be one of a tool which can develop the forms and structures of a low carbon economy as the energy consumed by buildings and their materials can caused a lot of damage to the environment. The buildings design have to be energy efficiency and provides optimum comfort for occupants and less dependence on non renewable energy resources, to provide day lighting and views and lower maintainence costs. Environment architecture is all about protect the environment, reserve the nature, the resources and all living creatures on the planet. when it comes to designing environment architecture, it is important to look not only at the design conscious but also materials, the lifecycle of materials to increase the quality of the environment.
The choices of materials for buildings can make a significant impact on reducing CO2 emission by using environmentally preferable products and making sure that using them in a way to get the most from them to reduce ‘waste‘ and also about the energy system. It is all about making a positive reaction to the climate and its landscape in turn reducing the environment.
Basically, environmental architecture is to reduce the climate change in any possible way. To make buildings more sustainable means builings survive for a longer period. It is also depended on using less energy, increase their ability of capture or generate their own energy and using less of the land. Which means to minimize the energy footprint of a building at the same time to reduce the carbon footprint by adding insulations to improve thermal and visual comfort levels in buildings.
The other way is by using climate-responsive passive design or combining passive energy design to mechanical design. Just ensure to get the maximum advantage of every possible aspect such as, sunlight, wind and to minimize the developing in externally generate powre or artificial light.




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