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My site is located in the East London within the district of Tower Hamlets, situated next to Hardford Canal and Victoria Park. Very close to the Thames river which is the important geographical features of London. The area has been under the limelight for the development of the Olympic park for the 2012 Olympic.
The Climate of the London has a highest temperature of 11˚C to 24˚C in the summer and 5˚C to -8˚C during the winter. But in the autumn is usually mild but unsettled by colder air. The site is within the conservative area of Driffield road, surrounded by quiet middle class residential area.
The building used to be the veneer factory from the 1930s and a brewery (Godsonís) and since 1980 part of the building has been inhabited by three different organisations: Chisenhale Gallery, Chisenhale Dance Space and Chisenhale Art Place Trust (CAPT). Before that the builidng had been neglected and dead, when the organizations allowed to access, it was in a very poor condition as a result of unused and abandoned and there are still spaces within the building that have been left alone.
The general orientation of the building is aligned South/West - North/East and window openings in the South/East and North/West faces. The West side is facing Hardford Canal and Victorial park is slightly further away. The court yard takes advantages of the prevailing northwesterly hot winds that blow during the hot-dry seasons. The windows of the building also take the advantages of the prevailing wind direction for the continuous ventilation. Neighborhood with quiet residential area and the primary school. Having the Hardford canal and Victoria Park nearby, the site could help cool the air and the area during the summer and spring time especially as in recent weather conditions.




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