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Existing site conditions and programme requirements

My proposed program is to create a kind of exciting sport hall which can attract mainly young people but also other different age ranges from senior citizens to Junior kids groups, to use their energy and time effectively on positive cause rather than wondering around the street and creating chaos on their lives as well as other people lives. The activities will included rock climbing, dance studio, sport hall for activities such as tennis, Judo, Karate and Fencing. Also roof top small cafe will be included in the proposal. As different activities means thermal comfort temperature requirements can vary from one activity to another. There is no one temperature that can satisfy for everyone and also vary greatly among individuals. As the proposed design is for sport hall, needless to say that there is going to be metabolic heat produced from human body and also the activity energy emits from the process of cooking, lighting and the use of small energy. These energy described from the above can be useful heat gain to the building in the winter but also could be create the situation of over heating in the summer time too. The range of temperature that requires of the different temperature are as seen in below. The sport hall, the activity areas: these may be a smaller version of the main hall that can be treated in the same way. In fitness rooms and gyms, a temperature of 18C is sufficient. Changing rooms also need to be maintained at a higher temperature than the hall, of approximately 25C. For toilets, radiators are likely to be the best solution. A good ventilation is also requirement to maintain good air quality for health and comfort. For the project, I would like to adders artificial and natural lighting as imaginatively as possible. In order to reduce energy consumption, the maximum daylight penetration is the main priory. As the building has the repetitive huge glass windows, the range of nature light into the building are excellent. Renewable


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