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Heating and Ventilation systems

Your blog entry As Ventilation and heating must be considered together, Ventilation is as important as the fresh air supply is necessary because not only the comfort of the occupancy is the prior list to design building but also to prevent the built up of moisture in the room. Too much background ventilation results in great heat loss in the winter. The sport hall with medium glazed facades and open plan organization exploits natural daylights and it is well suited to cross ventilation with controlled windows at high level with manually openable windows at lower level. Windows should be considered in relation to daylight and thermal insulation. As the building already got the huge window on both South-West and North-East sides of the building, a poorly daylight is not necessary to worry about. Since the open plan design allows optimal cross ventilation of the south-westery prevailing winds. The building is not air-conditioned but some high level wall mounted extract fans and speed controllers going to be install to assist with the internal atmosphere in the sports hall remained fresh without draughts on very still days. My proposed design aim for the minimum amount of energy to run which can be supported by applying conservative techniques and passive solar design principles. Where possible, the use of solar hot water and photovoltaic system will be used. The durability of materials is also very significant as it will affect the lifespan of a building and the longer a low-energy house lasts, the less relative impact its materials will have. The combination of passive solar systems and the photovaltaics cells are going to use as a heating source. As the existing building has thick walls, it can use for thermal storage. And the floors are going to insulate in a high level. So the whole builidng structure graducally collects and stores solar energy during the day and gradually released at night when there is no solar gain. And instead of glass,


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